Snowmobile & Dog sledding in Sweden

Do you want to experience the mountains at speed, yet in a close to nature way, without having to exert yourself? Let a dog sledding team at Fjälläventyr do the job!

A snowmobile safari in Sweden with Fjälläventyr a grand and unforgettable experience. With every snowmobile able to carry both a driver and passenger everyone gets a chance to drive their own snowmobile. Along the guide lead safari, we make several stops to changeover drivers. Before the tour, we have a thorough introduction on how to drive and manoeuvrer a snowmobile so everyone holding a valid driving license can participate. Snowmobile safaris go daily during the winter season.

Dog sledding in Sweden
The experienced dog sled riders at Fjälläventyr offer a variety of tours that take you to the most beautiful places Sälenfjällen has to offer. It is also possible to just borrow a dog companion for a hike on foot.

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